Seamlessly connect with ClauseBase.

Screenshot integration with ClauseBase

Upscale to full-document automation

ClauseBuddy is part of a unique ecosystem. You can seamlessly use it together with ClauseBase, the most powerful document automation software on the market. Both products share the same technology and database, so all your clauses and Q&As are available in both products.

Most legal teams are just getting started with technology, and often do not find the time to automate entire documents. ClauseBuddy can be a stepping stone for them: they can easily start with individual clause, and later upscale towards full documents.

Also for negotiations

Unlike other document automation solutions you will not get stuck once the first draft is generated. During negotiations, ClauseBuddy allows you to easily swap clauses or insert additional legal language, using all the intelligent content you created in ClauseBase, while all previously selected legal nuances and legal terminology will be remembered and automatically applied. No other combination of tools offers such end-to-end coverage from first draft to final draft.

About ClauseBase

With ClauseBase you can stack together your intelligent clauses as bespoke documents, while the software ensures consistent content and style. Those bespoke documents can then optionally also be made available to users through guided questionnaires.

ClauseBase differentiates itself from other drafting solutions through the sheer scope of its feature set. Here are some of our top, unique features:

  • Clause linking for fallback options
  • Automatic definition list generation
  • Multi-lingual, deep grammatical support for drafting in multiple languages (28+ languages)
  • Consistent terminology enforcement
  • Central house styling enforcement
  • Automatic calculations of durations, numbers, interest rates, etc.  
  • Build self-service portals for internal self-service desks or external client solutions