Smart legal drafting

ClauseBuddy empowers legal professionals to draft smarter. Build better legal documents by sharing your knowledge and save time on legal drafting.

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Replace your statistic templates by interactive questionnaires

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Provide playbooks & legal guidance to your documents

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Collaborate to make your documents better

Harness your teams' collective knowledge and create a clause library that can be accessed by everyone. ClauseBuddy is built for lasting knowledge, so you never lose great clauses or forget about the context.

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Create compliant documents with ease

ClauseBuddy is the easiest way to draft compliant legal documents: combine smart templates with a library of pre-approved clauses to ensure error-free contracts. Generate contracts by using a simple interactive questionnaire. 

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Automate documents without leaving Microsoft Word

With ClauseBuddy document automation becomes easy. Everything you need to automate your drafting workflow brought together in your trusted working environment. ClauseBuddy's products power document creation in Microsoft Word. 

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Integrate with the most powerful document automation software

ClauseBuddy integrates with our full-document automation software. Through its unique, clause-based approach to document automation, ClauseBase allows legal teams to draft flexible and tailored documents in minutes.

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Read our clause library guide!

Get step-by-step instructions on how to maintain, augment and use your best content. Find out about the opportunities, pitfalls, and best practices of clause libraries and start transforming your legal drafting.

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