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Clause library within Microsoft Word. 

Store contract clauses and all your frequently used paragraphs.

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Build amazing legal documents, without searching endlessly

Creating contracts shouldn't feel slow or complicated. Stop endlessly searching for the right clause. Let ClauseBuddy assist with finding your best content and creating contracts in minutes, not hours. 

But don't stop at contracts. ClauseBuddy can also be used for storing frequently used paragraphs for memos and legal briefs.

Eliminate hours spent searching

Browse through your clause bank, search by keywords, or let ClauseBuddy find an alternative clause similar to the one selected in your Word file. In 28+ languages at once.

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Open up your drafting knowledge to the whole team

Invite your team as your needs grow. Empower everyone in your organisation to source and access clause content. With ClauseBuddy, it is easy to share your drafting knowledge.   

Build your library in Word

Build your library by selecting text in existing Word documents.  Enrich any clause with optional titles, legal nuances, legal references and translations.

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It's all about nuance

Enrich your clauses with legal nuance, so your team members can immediately find and deploy the right clause anytime, every time.

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Tweak your clauses

Create interactive clauses: insert variable information, rely on deep grammatical support, or add conditions to  text parts. Build the perfect clause by answering a set of easy questions.

Offer legal guidance within MS Word

Traditional templates are often cumbersome to use, because they are loaded with internal comments, fallback text and optional clauses. Those elements are ugly, difficult to maintain, and tend to remain within the doucment, because users forget to remove them before sending out the document. 

ClauseBuddy's Drafting Guides are cleanly presented in a sidepanel that explains what a selected clause is about. Fallbacks and additional clauses can be inserted with one click. Best of all: the Drafting Guides leave no traces within the document.

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We keep your data secure

Avoid heaps of unstructured and outdated clauses compiled by AI-based software. Opening all your gates so these products can automatically generate a library entails serious legal risks. As former data protection experts, we understand the importance of complying with GDPR.


Discover amazing content

Looking for content? With ClauseHub you can subscribe to clause databases from both legal publishers and law firms. Get access to sample contract clauses for any legal field.

Will be released in Q2 2022

Even more features in ClauseBuddy Pro

Access Control
The refined rights management in ClauseBuddy Pro allows you to define who gets access to certain content, and who has the right to make certain changes. 
Increased Storage
Store even more clauses in your clause bank.
Open you drafting knowledge to an unlimited number of people. Give your whole team, departement or organisation access to the same clause libraries.
More Languages
While the free version of ClauseBuddy provides support for 2 languages at once, ClauseBuddy Pro lets you use up to 28 languages at once. 
Automatic translation
ClauseBuddy integrates with the most advanced machine translation software on the market to provide one-click translation of clauses. 
With ClauseBuddy Pro, you can create dynamic clauses yourself. Each clause can be tweaked directly from within MS Word with just a few clicks, for an optimal clause version. 
This is ideal for internal contract playbooks. Embed conditional logic into clauses to intuitively enforce company policy. 
Enhanced Support
If you have questions or run into technical issues while using ClauseBuddy, you can contact us via email for support. 
Everyone within the ClauseBuddy team is a former lawyer — so we speak your language. Need some help in how to structure your clause library? We got you covered!

Upscale to full-document automation

ClauseBuddy uses the same engine and underlying database as ClauseBase, the most powerful full-document automation solution on the market. 

This unique ecosystem allows you to seamlessly upscale your clause library to full-document automation. All your clauses and your legal knowledge can then be immediately used for automating entire bespoke documents — so what you build today, can be reused tomorrow.

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Read our clause library guide!

Get step-by-step instructions on how to maintain, augment and use your best content. Find out about the opportunities, pitfalls, and best practices of clause libraries and start transforming your legal drafting.

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